Marketing RoundUp

KBY Imgage

From time to time I like to review marketing posts from trusted sources. Here’s my list of what to read in marketing this week.

  1. How to Use Social Media to Promote An Event from Social Media Examiner. This post gives great tips on promoting events and even tips on creating a quality video. I have to say, my favorite is their #1 tip, start with a marketing plan!
  2. YouTube Marketing & Analytics from Avinash Kaushik. In typical Avinash fashion he breaks down what YouTube is (great read for those marketers trying to explain this medium to the C suite!), brands that are doing a great job and how to measure your activity whither you are Big or Small Business.
  3. The Easy to Follow Guide to Building an Online Brand for You and Your Business by Chris Ducker. Chris does a great job in outlining why having an online brand is important, easy tips for creating a great brand and how to build trust and credibility. A must read for small business owners!
  4. The Rise of Visual Storytelling by Michael Brenner – In this B2B Marketing Insider post Michael shares that “as much as 60% of the buyer journey is complete before prospects reach out to vendors in a business-to-business transaction.” That means that your business needs to build trust with your customers and have content that is meaningful and helpful, not just promotional, for customers.

I found these posts to be very helpful, please feel free to share with me some of your favorites.

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